Dear players.

This is the last census.
I can not continue get LS data
becauce LS site change to block frequency access.

But,I almost got what I wnat to know at previous researches.
So,I feel the time is right.

The last census theme is "skill rank in Rabanastre".

I am not good at English.
I missspel very offen.
I need a lot of time to read english comment,and write replay.
This is the cross table of rate that how many player are get skills,and how many players get other skills.
This source data is at time 10/18.

I give an explanation for it.

Each skills,I countup players who is upper than rank 11.
and how many players get other skill(upper than rank 11).

For example,
The Pugilist who is upper than rank 11 is 1595 players.
and 12.7% of them are get Gladiator skill.

I markup major combination is red,and minor is blue.

Many players are combined Crafter skills.
but Fighter skills are not.

It is the rank level of skill ranking.

Top is the top player in Rabanasre at each skill.
Top10 is the 10th player.
10% is the 10% line player.(10& of 1500 is 150th player's skill rank)

A small number of players are very high level.
rank 20 over players are top 10%.

this target is not all players.who upper than rank 11 in any skill.

I resarch how many high ranker in each world.
This number is how many players who is total world ranking top 100 in the world.

Mysidia have a lot of high rankers than other world.

Other high rankers world is
Figaro,Gysahl,Lindbl um,Selbina,Cornelia.

Our world Rabanastre is not high ranker world.

I think Rabanastre is good.
because,many payers make an effort to high rank is no good,
but high rank players are necessary to grows market.

It's self-affirmation. =D

That is the last LS census by me.
Thank you for many comments.

It is good experience for me to communicate with other nation people.

I will continue to play game.

For Rabanasre players,See you next in games!
For all readers,Thanks a lot!


sugoi! thats wonderful i hope they let you continue to recieve the data you need to keep it up! subarashi!
Fyren Tennimar (Durandal)2010年11月05日 08:13
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