Sorry for admirer of Miqo'te.
I nearly feel drawn to Lalafell.

but,I am Miqo'te's fan same as before!

Last weekend,I met to Upa Upa who commented to my diary in early time in Lodestone.
And we goes some area and play quest together.

It is my first contact that meet in game with this Lodestone friends.
And 2 players talk to me,"Hi bancho! I am looking forward to see your diary!".
I'm very happy.

Dear players.

Today's Lodestone cencus is a report about skill class.
What skill class they bring up?

I am not good at English.
I missspel very offen.
I need a lot of time to read english comment,and write replay.

Before today's research,Do you want to know how many players are active in this week?
This is the answer.

Last weekend activeplayer is under the half of players.
I wonder this game become under population.

Today's main contents is follow.Look at this table.

You need an explanation to understand it.
because It is my custom table. ^^

I make 4 group of skills.
Fighter,Sorcerer,Cra fter and Gatherer.

A player who has a skill over rank 1 get mark.
He has 4 groups skill,get all marks.

Row is each combination of skill's player count and rate and rank.
Coloum is each group's player count and rate.

You can get rank 1 only equipment each class's weapons.
So all group's skill taker is major,I think it is for trial.

I up the marked level to rank 10.
In rank 10,The crafter can get godsend actions.
Some players want to many skill up this rank.

Figer is popular.and many players get crafter skills.
The player who choice the Sorcerer job as main is relatively low.

notice,no mark is not means no rank.
It is only under the marked level.

I resarch over rank 11.
A skill class that over rank 11 is major job for players.
So we know what skill class is major.

I pick up lebel 11,15,20,25 and 30.
You can see how many players are over rank,
and what skill class group is major.

In over rank 11,Fighter main players is top.
I think,many players are stop to up crafer rank in rank 10.

In over rank 15,Sorcerer main players are up in rate.
We need sorcerers as support player in fight to high level enemy.

In over rank 20,Crafter main players are up in rate.
In over rank 25,they bleach out Sorcerers.

I take notice that Gatherer main players are keep a certain amount of rate.
What play style they are?

I pick up over rank 35 Gladiators and who write diary in Lodestone.
Major profile of them is
"In world of Cornelia or Gysah,The Elezen woodchopper who have faith in Nophica"

What a stoic life,isn't it?
I will cheer for woodchoppers!