Dear players.

Today is my therd day from start.
I go to Gredania.and join Behest,

I dead with one shoot.I am too weak to join Behast.
I am only therd day's players.

How much levels other players?

I resarch it.

I am not good at English.
I missspel very offen.
I need a lot of time to read english comment,and write replay.

I get the data from 10/1 to 10/ it's not realtime data.
I marked 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% and 50% cumulative percent.

The top player is 35 levels.
The 1% point player is 25 levels.
So I think 35 level needs very very heavy leveling.

The top 5% line is 21 levels.
after that,many players in each levels.

But,Only 1 or 2 level players are 24% of total.
I think,These players have only little play time.
May be,He don't know How does him play it.

FF14 is very unkindness for beginners


Arigato gozaimasu for the informations =)

I think, a lot of players are near level 1 and 2 because this game is a new game. They create new characters everyday.

And my level is 12 =)
Seyra Mihgo (Ragnarok)2010年10月05日 05:15
Thank you for your comment with Japanese =)

It is good opinion.
If a player delete character for create new character to other world,
In the lodestone,Does not delete his character data soon?

I cannot delete my character,so it is hard to vilify =)
Lucky Bancho (Durandal)2010年10月06日 04:08